Tree silhouettes along Black Warrior Riv



Urban Planning & Development

  • Develop a master plan for:

    • Strategic land use

    • Visionary economic development

    • Infrastructure planning (growth & maintenance)

    • Sound fiscal policy

  • Set vision for when, where, and how we grow as a city

  • Identify potential saturation points for growth and establish growth management restriction guidelines

  • Build coalition with citizens, surrounding municipalities/counties, and vested stakeholders

Business & Economic Development

  • Improve infrastructure and create smart plans that won’t waste taxpayer dollars

  • Recruit to build a more diversified and robust industrial park while working to diversify industries as a whole.

  • Increase cooperation with surrounding municipalities, the EDA, and the West Alabama Chamber to help accomplish this goal!

  • Recruit new jobs and industries while making sure we incentivize our small businesses to grow, expand and modernize! 

  • Build a research park with a focus on knowledge-based companies and smart technology

  • Promote workforce academies that work with chamber, existing businesses, local schools, and colleges to build a larger, qualified, and diverse workforce

  • Build a “more robust” transit system to help with emissions and help expand the field of employment opportunity and senior citizens with quality-of-life issues (doctor appointments, errands, and prescription pickups)

  • Prioritize open and honest communication with the public and businesses

Educational Excellence

  • Work with school board and administration to eliminate failing schools

  • Work to become a top-five school district

  • Support and foster college and career/vocational ready graduates

  • Produce more workforce-ready graduates

Safe & Secure Community

  • Implement and execute Operation Safe City

  • Rebuild relationships and trust between citizens and all public servants

  • Continue to support, honor, train, and resource for 2021 and beyond

  • Meet regularly with a cross-section coalition of municipalities, law enforcement, community leaders, and vested stakeholders

  • Foster a private-public partnership between police and local businesses to help improve safety, decrease calls, and potentially lower the budget

  • Enhance first responders’ ability to handle increased mental health calls

  • Address the funding shortfall and concerns with the police/firefighters’ pension, so they can focus on protecting and serving versus whether their retirement will be funded

Transparency & Accountability

  • Seeing that everyone will have a seat at the table if they want it

  • Restoring the appropriate balance of power between the mayor and city council

  • Having a weekly interactive meeting via the internet (Facebook, possibly others)-- Morning Manna with The Mayor--where the public can see and hear Mayor Martin Houston discussing our city and taking questions from our citizens

Additional City-wide Initiatives

Youth Division

  • Engage, educate, equip and empower our youth in physical, mental, and social activities, including sports, arts, educational (STEM-science, technology, engineering mathematics) tutoring, and more.

Financial Wellness

  • Teach the financial disciplines of budgeting, how to use credit, debt management, savings, etc.

Attainable Housing

  • Help increase housing inventory and access while removing the barriers to homeownership through merit-based incentive programs (for example a private-public funded down-payment program)

My pledge to you is that, as your Mayor, I will work with every one of you to create the great city of Tuscaloosa we all demand and deserve!