The Game Plan

As a player and as a coach, I understand how important it is to have a process, a game plan and a vision.
My vision is for us to reach our full potential and be that great city we know we can be. We are going to achieve this vision by working our game plan and our process called TRUTH.

T is for TRUST.

People need to trust their elected leaders will listen to them when they speak, and take action on the important issues the people bring to their attention.  As your Mayor, my door will always be open to all the people of Tuscaloosa, not just the favored few.


R is for RESPECT.

Every person who walks into City Hall deserves to be treated with equal regard and respect.  As your Mayor, I’ll insist that every city employee treat every citizen equally, fairly and justly.


U is for UNITY.

For too long, our city has been divided, and each group has been pitted against another for the benefit of a few well-connected people and their political allies. We cannot let this continue. We must come together. As your Mayor, I’ll make it a priority to represent all of our different communities equally.

Closeup of diverse people joining their


To our community and business leaders, I will have an open-door policy and run city hall with transparency.  I will strive to work with neighboring communities and organizations to improve the services we provide for our residents.

Railroad elevated over river in Tuscaloo

H is for HELP.

When people need help, we will be there as a city and as a community to give them the assistance they need.  When we work together, we can grow our city in effective, sustainable ways, and give every resident a chance to have the life they want, without having to move to find it.

Silhouette of reaching, giving a helping